Global Corporate Gifting Made Easy

Our international gifting platform enables you to send personalized gifts to employees, clients and leads worldwide. Just dream up your campaign and we’ll deliver gifts in over 200 countries.

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Send Employee, Client and Sales Gifts Internationally With Ease!

Launch corporate gift campaigns in 200+ countries, in as little as 1-3 business days! Simply choose your gifts, personalize them with a message and decide how you want to send them. We do the rest.

Our international gifting platform provides ultimate access to a wide variety of specially curated corporate gifts (from branded SWAG to luxury gift baskets), coupled with CRM integrations and gifting tools that allow recipients to choose their own gifts and provide their delivery details. 

We provide various solutions to assist you with your international gifting needs.

One-Time Projects

Create gifting projects with the assistance of our gifting experts and platform with zero recurring costs or commitments! Perfect for holiday gifting, loyalty campaigns and more.

Subscription Plan

Sending gifts regularly to customers of employees? You can save on your projects with an annual subscription, providing you with a 10% rebate on gifts and zero project fees.

eCommerce Shop

Looking to quickly send 1-5 gifts internationally? Our online shop is free and provides you with access to various gift options. Simply choose the gifts, provide the delivery details, and pay. 

Number of countries delivered to

Years of international gifting experience

Number of gift options available

Sending is easy…with minimal details. Choose your delivery method based on the details you have readily available.

Direct Sends

If you know your recipients and have specific gifts that you would like to send directly to them using their delivery addresses, we can send the gifts for you. Simply choose the gifts and provide the delivery details.

Email Gift Invites

Send gifts to multiple recipients worldwide with a branded email using their email addresses. Once received, recipients will be directed to a landing page to choose a gift and input their preferred delivery details.

Gift Links

Send gift invites via a shareable gift link to recipients worldwide.You can pre-select the gift items or share a gift collection. Once accessed, recipients can choose their gift and provide their delivery details.

Our Mission.Your Success.

Gifting is a simple gesture. A present given to someone to express appreciation, to celebrate or to show you care. At Giftsenda we concentrate on the process of giving just as much as the quality of the gifts.

We train our gifting specialists to be able to find corporate gifts that engage people on a non-generic level, internationally. Our aim is to provide personal support along with the help of our gifting platform’s capabilities, for a fully integrated gifting service.

For us at Giftsenda, it’s not about the number of gifts we send out, it’s about the number of people we make feel seen and valued. And that’s because we believe in the authentic human connection, even in business.

Talk to a Gifting Consultant to create your first project! 

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